Whatever class your child belongs at Totsland, a lot of care and attention goes into his or her daily care. Our educators are very well trained, and paying attention to every individual child is high up on our list.

Our environment is also excellently equipped to suit our ages and activities.


At Tot’s Land Child Care Center, we are committed to providing a positive, stimulating environment for your child’s emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Whilst we believe that the best place for a child is with parents, in our ever-changing world, we know this is impossible and therefore at Tot’s land we strive to provide a home away from home experience. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in early childhood education.

We make the most of a child’s most crucial first five years by creating an early childhood environment that supports the needs of young children

We use the power of a child’s developing ideas, interests and competences to promote learning through play, circle time and small group activities. This power is most evident in children’s play as it is the central force in a child’s development…

Do you know that …

“While research on brain development is in its infancy, it is believed that play shapes the structural design of the brain. We know that secure attachments and stimulation are significant aspects of brain development; play provides active exploration that assists in building and strengthening brain pathways. Play creates a brain that has increased ‘flexibility and improved potential for learning later in life’ (Lester & Russell, 2008, p. 9).


We are committed to providing a warm and nurturing environment with plenty of hugs as well as attention to individual emotional needs. Children are encouraged to play together, help one another, and develop caring relationships with each other and with the staff. Positive, gentle and respectful guidance form the basis for discipline.  We believe in our children!

Efeilomo Enahoro-Ogon

Meet our Proprietress. Hardworking and caring …

Mrs. Ebere Madu
Mrs. Ebere Madu
Head Teacher Early years

Meet our head teacher (Early Years). Passionate and loving…

Ms. Eunice Fischer Usiagwu
Ms. Eunice Fischer Usiagwu
Program Director

Meet our Program Director – Very dedicated and purposeful …

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