our programs

A peek into our amazing and fun programs

Ages 3months to 18months
They are our little angels beginning life's journey
Our infant care gives a lot of Attention, bonding and communication 
Our curriculum is designed to help our infants develop their attention system. 

Our infant care is an individualized plan. Each child's individual needs are met and each child is given individualized care based on their attention and ability. Our center has been carefully designed to facilitate bonding and brain development.

We incorporate baby sign languages such as singing, cuddling and reading to our children's activities to help their developing brain.
Ages 18months to 2 years+
Our toddler curriculum helps in our toddlers brain development through positive relationships and responsive environments. 
Their cognitive skills are developed while they engage in various activities that encourage their language skills, creative expression, physical, social and emotional development.
Must be 3 years of age on or before September 1
Having a great relationship with their environment our preschoolers have a vast capacity for learning through exploration. Their explorations develop their emerging skill through their interaction with their environment and planned learning activities. 
Must be 4years of age on or before September 1

At this stage, learning focuses on developing their cognitive, social and physical skills using ACADEMICS, BEHAVIOUR AND CONSTRUCTION. A breakdown of these gives a list of actives included in each class
ACADEMICS - maths, literacy, science
BEHAVIOUR - character development, everyday living, family and community.
CONSTRUCTION - this includes Art and Sensory, Music and movement, Dramatic play amongst a host of other activities.
Must be 5years of age on or before September 1
Our kindergarten class consists of our big boys and girls. They are in a more complex world and place at this age and are eager to Explore.
Totsland provides our kindergarten children with a solid foundation for their future no matter where it may lead. Learning is a journey and the start, an important step.
Our class curriculum includes but it's not limited to
Language; phonics, read aloud, comprehension, etc. 
Social studies 
At Totsland Child care center, we realize that the school holidays do not necessarily translate to a holiday time for parents and can be a tedious time deciding how to keep children engaged while you have to be at work.
At Totsland, we have created an enriching and fun program to keep your children occupied and safe during such times.
Our activities are planned to stimulate the imagination, cultivate growth, Foster healthy lifestyles and support the child's physical and mental wellness.
Our programs include but are not limited to sporting activities such as rugby, soccer, Tennis, and volleyball, Arts and craft classes; textile, painting and pottery, leadership classes, media classes, creative writing classes and Etiquette and manners class just to name a few.
Our summer camp  runs for six weeks during the long holiday months.