Hello and welcome to the homepage of the Totsland Childcare center. We are glad to have you here!
I am Efeilomo Enahoro-Ogon, a certified early childhood educator and founding director of Totsland Childcare Center. I am a passionate and proud mother to three wonderful children. One who believes a child is not simply an offspring, but destiny wrapped in form of a little blessed one: a gift capable of lifelong giving.
At Totsland, while we believe the best place for a child’s earliest years is at home, we are aware that this option is not available to many families in the 21st Century. As such, we commit to working with you to lay the best possible foundation for your child in those critical first five years of their life.
Children are most impressionable in their early years and, like sponges, soak up everything they are exposed to! At Totsland, we are very particular about what our children are exposed to, working to provide the right nurturing, safe and stimulating environment. We take extra care to help instill in your child essential values and skills that will serve them through life.
Our curriculum has been carefully put together to support your child’s ongoing social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development. While we facilitate group learning, we believe in the uniqueness of every child and so treat each child as an individual.
We invite you to stop by our school and look forward to welcoming you in person.

Warm regards,
Efeilomo Enahoro-Ogon